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ဘာသာရပ္ဆိုင္ရာ ေလ့လာစရာ websites မ်ား

ဘာသာရပ္ဆိုင္ရာ ေလ့လာစရာ websites မ်ား

ကြ်န္ေတာ္တို့သည္ မိမိတို့ ဝါသနာပာရာတို့ကို အခ်ိန္ ႏွင့္ အမွ် ေလ့လာခ်င္ၾကပါသည္ ။ထို့ေျကာင့္ သူငယ္ခ်င္းတစ္ဦး ျဖစ္သူ Victoire Rio ၏ အကူအညီျဖင့္ သိခဲ့ရ ျပီး ျပန္လည္ေလ့လာနိုင္ေစရန္ ျပန္လည္ စုစည္းေပးလိုက္ရပါသည္ ။

GENERAL ( အေထြေထြ ေလ့လာနိုင္ရန္ )

Coursera: Take courses created by top educational institutions
edX: Take online courses from the world's best universities
Udemy: Learn real world skills online
MasterClass: Take online classes from the world's best
FutureLearn: Enjoy free online courses from top universities
Savvy: Get personal lessons over one-on-one video
Khan Academy: Learn almost anything
Guides: Explore interactive guides
Simplilearn: Grow your career with new skills
Highbrow: Learn with bite-sized email courses
Cudoo : Take online self-study courses
Coursmos: Learn new skills to drive your career
TED-Ed: Learn from a library of interactive videos Learn new skills taught by industry experts
The Big Know: Take free courses from world-class brands
Curiosity: Be inspired by the web's best learning videos
iversity:  Take free online courses from experts
Curious: Get customized lessons delivered to your inbox
Lifeliqe: Browse interactive 3D models for K-12 subjects
MIT OpenCourseWare: Open MIT course content
AnkiAppStudy flashcards in your downtime
AnkiRemember anything with flashcards
AlisonEmpower yourself with new workforce skills Watch and learn with short and fun videos
The Open University: Obtain high-quality university education
Open Yale: Find lectures from selected Yale College courses
WikiHow: Learn how to do anything
StudyBlue: Study with online flashcards
Forge: Learn the latest skills one-to-one NEW!
 TECHNOLOGY ( နည္းပညာဆိုင္ရာေလ့လာနိုင္ရန္ )
Codecademy: Learn to code interactively for free
Treehouse: Learn coding and web design
Py: Learn Python, Java, Swift, HTML & CSS, R, SQL
Swift Playgrounds: Learn serious code on your iPad
Codeplace:  Learn Ruby on Rails by building real world apps
SitePoint Premium: Become a better web developer
CareerFoundry: Take courses to launch your tech career
CodeUpStart: Learn to code by creating real startups
Exercism: Level up your programming skills
Swifty: Learn how to code in Swift
Egghead: Learn the latest web development frameworks
Code4Startup: Learn to code by creating real life startups
CodinGame: Step up your coding game
CheckiO: Play game and learn coding in Python/JavaScript
Lrn: Learn Javascript on your iPhone
Pencil Code:  Learn programming in a creative way
Code School: Learn by doing with hands-on courses
Thinkful: Become a developer with 1-on-1 mentorship
BaseRails: Master Ruby on Rails and other web technologies
Dash: Learn to code awesome websites
Free Code Camp: Learn to code and help nonprofits
Code-Free Startup: Build apps with the skills you already have
CodeCombat: Learn to code by playing a game
One Month: Learn how to code in one month
Udacity: Earn a Nanodegree recognized by industry leaders
SoloLearn: Learn to code for free
Codewars: Achieve mastery through challenge
Cloud Academy:  Master cloud computing
Drupalize.Me: Learn Drupal with video tutorials
Trinket: Learn Python with all-in-one code editor Watch coders live as they build products Learn computer science
TechChange: Learn skills in technology
The New BostonWatch free computer and technology tutorials
Mimo: Learn how to code on the go
Learn Code the Hard Way: Learn the basics of computer programming
Encode: Learn to code on your iPhone and iPad  
Programiz: Simplest programming tutorials for beginners

CREATIVE ( တီထြင္ဖန္တီးနိုင္ေစရန္)

CreativeLive: Watch live online creative classes
Skillshare: Learn creative skills in just 15 minutes a day
Reedsy: Take free online writing and publishing classes
Facebook Media: E-Learning courses for journalists
Envato Tuts+: Discover free how-to tutorials
Instructables: Follow DIY tutorials
Sywork:  Watch live illustrators
Squareknot:  Explore guides to help you do anything
Ctrl+Paint: Teach yourself digital painting

 LANGUAGE ( ဘာသာရပ္ဆိုင္ရာေလ့လာနိုင္ရန္ )
 Duolingo: Learn a language for free
Busuu: Practice language skills with native speakers
Lingvist: Learn a language at light speed
Lang-8: Have native speakers support your learning
Babbel:  Learn to speak, write, and understand a new language
Rype: Choose from hand-picked language teachers
Memrise: Learn languages and vocabulary
ELSA: Your virtual pronunciation coach Improve your vocabulary
Tandem: Find native speakers to practice together
Chineasy: Learn how to read Chinese characters
Simply Learn Languages: Learn from a native speaker
Clozemaster: Learn language in context
TeamSpanish: Learn Spanish fast for free
LingQLearn languages from content you love
Fluentu: Learn with with real-world video content
Reverso: Translate and learn

PLAY ( အနုပညာ တီးခတ္ေလ့လာရန္ ) 

Simply Piano: Learn piano with your favorite songs
Pianu: Learn how to read music and play chords
YousicianLearn to play guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele
Chesscademy: Learn how to play chess
LightNote: Learn just enough essential music theory
Fretello: Amplify your guitar skills

BUSINESS ( စီးပြားေရးဆိုင္ရာေလ့လာရန္ )

 Startup Patterns: Get bite-sized startup lessons
Primer: Take marketing lessons from Google
WixEd: Learn how to launch your own web business
Platzi: Take classes on business, marketing, and more
Digital Garage: Learn with free tutorials from Google
Careersofia: Real-time sales coaching inside of Salesforce
                                       Social Media Academy: Up your social media marketing game


DATA ( အခ်က္အလက္မ်ားေလ့လာရန္ ) 

DataCamp: Learn R, Python or data visualization
DataQuest: Learn data science in your browser
Datamonkey: Learn SQL and Excel for data analysis

ADVICE ( အၾကံျပဳခ်က္ )

Quora: Get answer to any question
Wonder: Get help of expert researchers Get instant coaching for any goal
Sensay: Get real advice from helpful humans
Clarity: Get on-demand business advice
Codementor: Get instant help from expert developers
AirPair: Get software help
Whale:  Ask questions, watch answers

BRAIN ( ဥာဏ္စမ္း)

Lumosity: Discover what your brain can do
Elevate: Train your mind and improve your skills
Peak: Level up your brain

MATHS ( သခ်ာၤဆိုင္ရန္ေလ့လာရန္ )

Mathspace: Your online textbook and workbook
iMathematics: Your personal math tutor
Algebrarules: Find the rules of basic algebra in one place

TYPING ( စာရိုက္ကြ်မ္းက်င္ေစရန္ )

Typing.comLearn typing for free
TypeRacerTest and improve your typing skills

DANCE ( အကပညာ ေလ့လာရန္ )

STEEZYBecome a better dancer

SING ( အဆို ေလ့က်င့္ရန္ )

                                                   VanidoYour personal singing coach

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